Did We Send You A Letter?

Contact Us about First-Time Fee Forgiveness or Pay Your Toll Invoice

If you received a toll invoice from the Express Lanes, it means that you either did not use an E-ZPass® or you might have an issue with your E-ZPass account. If you do not pay your outstanding invoice, you will face escalating fines and penalties. If it's the first time you've received an invoice for unpaid trips, you might be eligible to have all of your fees waived. Contact us immediately to learn more. You are also not required to do so in writing. Please call our customer service at (855) 495-9777 if you would prefer to speak to a customer service representative.

To pay or dispute a toll invoice online, please enter your Account Number and Trip Number located on your toll invoice.

Once you enter this information, you can:

  • Pay the toll amount and administrative fee
  • Dispute an unpaid toll invoice
  • Monitor the status of your dispute
  • Track past invoice payments and dispute history

To avoid toll invoices, please get an E-ZPass and sign up for missed toll email alerts.

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