It begins: on-road testing starts on the 395 Express Lanes

September 12, 2019

The express version

  • Drivers can expect to begin seeing testing activity on the soon-to-open 395 Express Lanes
  • This activity will include tests designed to make sure drivers have a smooth experience once the Lanes open
  • Drivers will see text displayed on the on-road signs

Drivers will begin to see some new activity on the soon-to-open 395 Express Lanes. The Express Lanes team is conducting a series of tests of the tolling technology on the Lanes designed to ensure a smooth ride and seamless experience for drivers:

  • Dynamic message signs, that will eventually display pricing information, will start to show test messages this week
  • Gates, used to open or close entry points to the Lanes depending on what direction traffic is flowing, will undergo expanded testing beginning this weekend, September 14. This includes new gates around the Eads Street interchange 
  • A small number of test vehicles will take trips on the Lanes during rush hour periods to ensure accuracy of the tolling technology

Drivers are eagerly anticipating the opening of 395 Express Lanes – in fact, nearly 7 in 10 drivers intend to use the Lanes at least occasionally and 9 out of 10 drivers want traffic improved, according to a summer 2019 survey* commissioned by the Express Lanes team. This testing is another step towards delivering new travel choices to the region. For more information on the 395 Express Lanes project, go here and check back later because the opening date of the 395 Express Lanes will be announced very soon. 

*Online survey of 891 DC area drivers who regularly drive I-395 conducted by global opinion research group APCO Insight in May 2019