Missed A Toll?

Did you recently travel on the 495 or 95 Express Lanes
without an E-ZPass or receive an email alert about a recent trip that's now ready for payment?

If you took an unpaid trip on the Express Lanes, you can avoid a toll invoice by paying your toll here through the Missed a Toll process.

In order to avoid a toll notice, you need to pay your toll and the small fee ($1.50 per trip) before we mail you a toll invoice. Your toll amount will usually be available for payment within 48 hours of your trip and in order to avoid the toll invoice, you must pay via Missed a Toll within 5 days of your first trip without an E-ZPass.

If it has been 5 days since your first trip without an E-ZPass, but you haven't received your toll invoice via mail, you can call (855) 495-9777 to pay your toll and a small fee. If you have received a toll invoice, you should contact us to see if you qualify for first-time fee forgiveness or you can pay the invoice here. You are also not required to do so in writing. Please call our customer service at (855) 495-9777 if you would prefer to speak to a customer service representative.

Search for a recent unpaid trip or pay for an email alert trip

Here's how Missed a Toll Works:

  • Enter your license plate number and state
  • If we have processed your trip(s) you can pay for them right now
  • If you received an email alert about a trip, your trip is processed and will show for payment. If the trip mentioned in your email alert is not showing for payment, contact us immediately at 1-855-495-9777
  • If we have not yet processed your trip(s) and you want to avoid a toll notice, you can either:
  • Leave your email address to be notified when your trip is processed and we have it for you to review and pay.
  • Leave your credit card information for an automatic payment when we process your trip.
  • If you traveled in a rental vehicle, please contact us before using Missed a Toll

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Get an email alert if you register an unpaid trip

Leave your license plate and email address below and we'll notify you if we are not able to collect a toll for your trips in the future. Within a few days of an unpaid trip, you will receive an email with an option to pay your toll and a small $1.50 fee. You will have 5 days from the date of the travel to make payment before an invoice is created. If you want to opt out of existing alerts, submit your information and click Opt out. Then follow the directions in the confirmation email.

To add additional license plates, re-enter your email address and the new plate information.