Express Lanes and Law Enforcement

Per Virginia law, law enforcement officials traveling in pursuit of their duties are exempt from toll and HOV requirements on the 495 and 95 Express Lanes. This does not include commuting to and from the workplace or for any purpose other than responding to an emergency incident, patrolling the Express Lanes pursuant to an agreement by a state agency with the private operator or the time-sensitive investigation, active surveillance or actual pursuit of persons known or suspected to be engaged in or with knowledge of criminal activity.

Law enforcement officials who need to travel on the 95 or 495 Express Lanes in the pursuit of their duties are required to complete this form to document each requested trip exemption.

We request that officials who frequently use the 495 or 95 Express Lanes travel with a properly mounted E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex transponder. The transponder number should be included on the registration form. Failing to provide the transponder number for vehicles equipped with E-ZPass will result in charges being applied to the E-ZPass account.

If possible, please complete the form a minimum of 24 hours before the time of travel. While we prefer to be notified of an exemption prior to travel, we can accommodate the processing of an exemption after the trips have occurred. The completed form should be returned within 48 hours of travel.

The form can be emailed to and one of our representatives will process your request.

The exemption for law enforcement vehicles – not including commuting to and from workplace – on the Express Lanes covers:

  • Marked law enforcement vehicles or;
  • Vehicles that include flashing lights and a siren responding to an emergency using the Express Lanes because they cannot do so as quickly in the general public lanes or;
  • Vehicles responding to an emergency that has occurred on the 95 or 495 Express Lanes

We need to be able to identify your vehicle to apply an exemption. Failure to provide the completed template within the required timeframe can result in the issuance of toll notices or charges being applied to the driver's E-ZPass account.

Download the exemption form.

Please contact us at or 1-855-495-9777 with any questions.