Heads up, 7 feet and up

The express version

  • Vehicles 7 feet and taller now pay 3x the current toll
  • Vehicles under 7 feet tall remain standard rate, while HOV-3+ and buses still ride for free
  • The new rate applies to all Express Lanes: 495, 95, and 395
  • Don't hit the brakes, no action is needed on your end!

The Express Lanes still get you where you need to go faster and more reliably. But now, there's a new rate for larger vehicles across the 495, 95 and 395 Express Lanes. Vehicles 7 feet and taller pay 3x the current toll. So, a $5 standard toll becomes a $15 toll. Vehicles under 7 feet aren't affected.


Height comparisons of vehicles


Rate change 101

Vehicle 7 feet and higher

Heads up, 7 feet and up. To provide a smooth driving experience, the 3x rate applies to vehicles taller than 7 feet in height. This includes most tall passenger vans, commercial vans, 2-axle large box trucks, and flatbed trucks on the 495, 95 and 395 Express Lanes.

Will I be charged the higher toll if I have a kayak, bike rack, or knickknack stacked on top of my car?

Even if your vehicle is normally under 7 feet tall, any cargo that reaches above 7 feet in total height can trigger the higher rate. But don't worry - if this happens to you, just contact us and we’ll make sure you pay the standard rate.

Looking for pricing info for the I-66 Express Lanes?

Those lanes are run by a different operator. Head to their website to learn more.

Customer pricing tools

Customer pricing tools

Know before you go. Our real-time pricing tools help you calculate costs before you hit the road. Simply select your direction, choose your entry and exit points, then view the estimated standard rate or the 3x rate for your selected route. Visit our Map your trip page or download our mobile app to route your trip.

Is my vehicle over 7 feet?

Under 7 feet

Whether you're driving a work van or a modified passenger truck, you probably want to know if the rate applies to you.

Roadmap to measuring your vehicle:
  • Does your vehicle fit in a parking garage? It's likely under 7 feet. And, for reference, most door frames are a few inches under 7 feet, too.
  • Almost all passenger vehicles, including full-size SUVs and pickup trucks, are under 7 feet tall.
  • "Okay Google, how tall is a 2011 Ford Escape?"
    Don't forget, you can search online or check your owner's manual.

Ride for free, E-Z as 1-2-3

Large vehicle


Keep your plans moving with faster, predictable travel on the Express Lanes. You can ride the
495, 95 and 395 Express Lanes for free at any time with three or more passengers and your E-
ZPass® Flex set to HOV ON. Is your vehicle over 7 feet, but meets the HOV-3+ requirements?
You won’t be charged the 3x rate! Buses can use the Express Lanes free of charge

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