HOV enforcement on the Lanes

HOV and safe-driving rules are always in motion on the Express Lanes. To make sure our customers have a good experience and get a fast trip, we need drivers to follow the rules so we can manage traffic. 

Don’t forget these rules

Hop in the pool, the driving is great. Whether you’re in a vanpool or carpool, all you need is 3 or more people (including the driver) and an E-ZPass® Flex set to HOV ON mode to drive the Express Lanes for free. 

Just you in the car? Or maybe you’ve got a buddy with you? If you count less than 3 people in the car then switch your E-ZPass® Flex back to non-HOV mode to pay your toll. 

Maybe you and your E-ZPass® Flex go way back. Or maybe you’re still getting to know each other. Whatever your status, here are some quick reminders on how to use your Flex.


We’re here to help you have a good experience 

Was that a Virginia State Trooper on the Lanes? Yep, and they’re making sure that drivers follow the rules by traveling safely and avoiding missed tolls. This helps ensure you get a great trip on the Lanes. 

Make sure you know how to use your E-ZPass® Flex and that it’s set to the right mode before you start your trip. If it’s set to HOV ON mode and you don’t have three people, you could face fines of up $1,000 if stopped by a trooper.  

Safe driving is important too. Dangerous moves can cause fender benders, delays on the Lanes, or even worse, people getting hurt. 

Other E-ZPass questions?

Head here to update your Virginia E-ZPass or Maryland E-ZPass account with payment or contact info. You can also visit those sites to get an E-ZPass®, E-ZPass® Flex, or swap one out for the other.