New travel patterns to and from the 495 Express Lanes and I-66

November 14, 2022

The express version

  • To go from I-66 eastbound to the 495 Express Lanes, keep right to use the new exit ramp
  • To go from the 495 Express Lanes to the I-66 westbound regular lanes, keep right after taking the usual exit ramp

From I-66 east to 495 Express Lanes

Drivers on I-66 eastbound in northern Virginia who want to enter the 495 Express Lanes will begin using a new flyover ramp starting Tuesday night, Nov. 15.

The new ramp is located on the right side of I-66 after the Cedar Lane Bridge, about one mile after the Nutley Street exit. It will replace the long-standing entry ramp located on the left side of I-66 near the center of the I-66/I-495 interchange.

Visual of detour route


From the 495 Express Lanes to the I-66 west regular lanes

And, for customers on the northbound 495 Express Lanes heading to the regular lanes on I-66 westbound, a new configuration on the exit ramp will go into effect on Nov. 14. Take the usual exit ramp from the 495 Express Lanes to I-66, but keep to the right instead of the left. The new ramp will loop over I-66 to put travelers onto the westbound lanes.

As always, follow the on-road exit signs and remember to use extra caution as traffic patterns adjust to the new flow.  

Visual of detour route