Traffic pattern changes for South Parking & Eads St. during AM & PM rush hour this Winter and Spring 2019

January 18, 2019

On or about Tuesday, January 22, 2019, construction will begin along the east side of Eads Street (existing northbound travel lanes). All traffic along Eads Street between South Rotary Road and Army Navy Drive will be re-opened to both sides of Eads Street with proper access to the I-395 HOV Ramps preserved. 

Existing traffic restrictions and detours during the AM Peak between 6:00am to 9:00am, the off-peak period from 9:00am to 3:00pm, and the PM Peak from 3:00pm to 8:00pm will continue to be in effect. Detours with signage will continue to be set up on Eads Street, South Rotary Road, as well as surrounding roadways such as Fern Street.

Click here for the AM detour
Click here for the PM detour

The temporary relocation of Route 610 Stafford and Mine Road slug stations will remain at the Kiss and Ride area on N. Rotary Road during the Eads Street construction. Please pay close attention to traffic control direction, signage and traffic signals as they will change to align with the new traffic patterns. Visit for more information.

Drivers are advised to travel safely and pay attention to on-road signage if traveling in this area during construction. Visit to view closure or travel alerts information.

For more information click here.