Press Releases

Press contact: Mike McGurk

May 24, 2016

Drivers advised to avoid peak getaway periods and expect changes to the reversal schedule for Rolling Thunder 

Apr 28, 2016

Hero Saves Travelers from Gridlock and Fights Congestion in Virginia as Part of Marketing Campaign 

Apr 26, 2016

Express Assist Team Members Catch Drunk Driver on the Lanes  

Apr 7, 2016

Drivers Who Create a New Express Lanes Account via the App Could Win One Month of Free Travel

Nov 24, 2015

Three Organizations Recognized for Their Efforts to Support the Local Community in Northern Virginia

Oct 19, 2015

Officials Experience Next-generation Vehicle Communications and Control Technology

Jul 23, 2015

Three Local Organizations Awarded Grants for their Efforts to Sustain, Enhance and Protect the Local Community