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95 Express Lanes Now Open

Dec 29, 2014

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Alexandria, Va.95 Express Lanes today announced that tolling, E-ZPass requirements and new rules of the road are now in effect 24/7 along the 29-mile stretch of lanes on I-95.  Drivers planning to take advantage of the Express Lanes need an E-ZPass® and are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new rules of the road before their first trip.  All drivers are urged to use caution and be alert to the new traffic patterns and signage.

“Area drivers now have a faster, more reliable travel option to get them to their destinations on time,” said Nic Barr, Vice President, Operations, Transurban.  “For the first time, anyone stuck in rush-hour gridlock on I-95 can now take advantage of a quicker trip on the Express Lanes.  We encourage all drivers to exercise caution and keep the rules of the road in mind as they take their first trip on the Express Lanes.”

Beginning today, all drivers must have an E-ZPass to use the Express Lanes – there are no toll booths or options to pay cash.  Carpoolers, sluggers or those who travel frequently with three or more people in their vehicle need an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode to travel toll-free. 

For a smooth trip on the Express Lanes, drivers should make sure that their E-ZPass is correctly mounted in their car and that it's linked to their license plate.  Drivers should also check that they have sufficient funds in their account and that their address is updated and correct with the DMV.

E-ZPass and E-ZPass Flex are available at 75 convenient Northern Virginia retail locations including Wegmans, select Virginia DMVs and Giant Food Stores; at E-ZPass Customer Service Centers; online or by calling Virginia E-ZPass at 877-762-7824.  Virginia E-ZPass customers can exchange their standard E-ZPass for an E-ZPass Flex by calling Virginia E-ZPass or by visiting

Safety Tips

Drivers should keep the following safety tips in mind before traveling on the Express Lanes:

  • The Express Lanes are reversible. The entry and exit points will open and close depending on which direction traffic is flowing – letting you know if you can enter the Express Lanes.  If gates are blocking access to an entry point, do not attempt to enter the lanes
  • If you need to stop while on the Express Lanes, locate the closest shoulder, pull over and stay in your car.  Additionally you should never stop, attempt to reverse or slow your vehicle to dangerous speeds while driving in traffic
  • Be sure to follow directions on dynamic message signs at entry points and within the Express Lanes
  • Pay attention to the new lane use management system and the variable speed limit system.  Follow the speed posted on the variable speed limit signs.  The lane use management system will alert you if a lane is closed to traffic.  If a red “X” is displayed above, you should exit that lane as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Stay alert as new traffic patterns are introduced and avoid distractions – such as using cell phones, driving while drowsy or eating in the car

95 Express Lanes End/I-395 HOV Lanes Begin

The 95 Express Lanes end and the I-395 HOV lanes begin on I-395 just north of Edsall Road.  The rules on the I-395 HOV lanes have not changed – on weekdays, the HOV-3 only restriction is in effect on the northbound I-395 HOV lanes from 6-9 a.m. and the southbound I-395 HOV lanes from 3:30-6 p.m.  There is no HOV restriction on the weekends. 

When the weekday HOV-3 restriction is in effect, northbound 95 Express Lanes drivers traveling alone or with one passenger will need to exit from the Express Lanes to avoid entering the I-395 HOV lanes.  For more information about the transition area, please visit:

Drivers should remain alert and exercise caution when driving in and around the Express Lanes corridor as they become acclimated with the new traffic patterns.  Speed limit, seat belt, driving under the influence (DUI) and all other traffic laws still apply to the Express Lanes and will be enforced by the state police at all times.  Drivers can plan their trip, learn how to safely use the lanes, and learn more about E-ZPass at

About the 95 Express Lanes

The 95 Express Lanes opened on December 29 to provide travelers with faster, more predictable travel options.  Dynamic pricing based on real-time traffic conditions manages the demand for the lanes, keeping the Express Lanes moving.  The 95 Express Lanes operate on I-95 near Garrisonville Road in Stafford County to the vicinity of Edsall Road on I-395 in Fairfax County (approximately 29 miles).  The 95 Express Lanes were delivered through a public-private partnership between VDOT and Transurban.  For more information, please visit

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