Grant Recipient

Keeping Prince William Beautiful through Litter Removal and Education

Community volunteers take a quick break during spring 2013 cleanup. With their help, more than 400,000 Prince William County residents benefitted from litter removal.

About Keep Prince William Beautiful

Just last year, Keep Prince William Beautiful volunteers removed more than 87,000 pounds of litter from within Prince William County.

For more than 30 years, Keep Prince William Beautiful has served as the community's resource for litter cleanups.  Keep Prince William Beautiful is a non-profit environmental organization that provides pre-cleanup litter education and safety training, trash bags, landfill vouchers, gloves, vests, marketing assistance and giveaways to aid in the efficiency of cleanups.

Keep Prince William Beautiful takes pride in encouraging individuals to take responsibility for improving their community's environment. To effect change in the county, the organization offers programs varying from interactive classroom lessons to hands-on community activities which help educate the community on litter removal, recycling and water quality.

95 Express Lanes Grant Program Support

The 95 Express Lanes team chose to support Keep Prince William Beautiful because its community cleanups benefit not only the 400,000+ residents of Prince William County, but also the surrounding local businesses, government and tourists.

"The 95 Express Lanes project corridor is the gateway to our community, therefore keeping the Prince William area clean impacts everyone who enters and exits our community," said Kiliaen Anderson, Executive Director of Keep Prince William Beautiful. "Keep Prince William Beautiful is very grateful for the funding provided by Transurban-Fluor. Without the support, we would not have been able to provide the necessary supplies for our cleanups."

Trash grabbers, heavy-duty gloves and safety signs were purchased with the funding provided by Transurban-Fluor. The funding helped to ensure the safety of more than 700 volunteers and 40 home owners associations who participated in the spring cleanup, and resulted in the removal of more than 85,615 pounds of litter from within the county.

More Information

To find out more about Keep Prince William Beautiful and ways to get involved, visit