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Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association: Cleaning up the Woodbridge area

The Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association Beautification Committee recognizes members of the community who make contributions to the beautification and enhancement of the Woodbridge area.

About Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association

With the constant development of buildings, roads and communities in the Northern Virginia area, it is becoming increasingly important to care for the environment. Roadways and public areas can become overgrown and covered in litter without proper care. Fortunately, there is a group of residents who care for the area in which they live, and work hard to keep their community beautiful. The Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association (WPCCA) was founded by a group of individuals who value the wellbeing of their community and who work together to preserve it.

The WPCCA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose purpose is to unite Woodbridge communities on issues such as land use, environment, transportation and development.

The beautification committee is the most active committee in the WPCCA. The committee organizes a variety of events and programs that focus on improving the environment in the Prince William area. The programs include cleaning up Neabsco Creek, cleaning up Route 1 and adopting local gardens. Each year, the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association awards local businesses and residents that do an outstanding job of maintaining attractive and environmentally friendly properties in the Woodbridge area. The annual Beautification Awards are meant to inspire residents and business owners in the area to take pride in and invest in the aesthetic of their community.

95 Express Lanes Grant Support

The WPCCA Beautification Committee helps keep the Woodbridge area clean and unpolluted. The Association provides a venue for community members to engage in the issues of land use, community beautification, environment and development.

In 2008, the founders of the WPCCA came together with the goal of working to develop a plan to improve the Woodbridge community. "Litter pickups, landscaping, gardens and park investments are beneficial to residents that use and enjoy these amenities as well as businesses that operate in the community," said John Karnhak, president of WPCCA. "The litter prevention portion of our overall beautification program started when one of our members witnessed a person littering on the side of the road. Since then it has grown to include a widespread education campaign, with posters in many local stores."

To help cover the costs of the Beautification Committee's expenses, WPCCA applied for a 95 Express Lanes community grant.

The 95 Express Lanes team supported the WPCCA Beautification Committee because of its commitment to the well-being of the community.

"Transurban-Fluor takes pride in the communities we work and live in," said Kevin Ginnerty, Transurban's Director of Project Delivery. "We are pleased to support the Beautification Committee so that the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association can continue its great work for the community and environment."

More Information

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