Inauguration Day Reversal Schedule on 95 Express Lanes

Jan 17, 2017

The reversal schedule on the 95 Express Lanes will be adjusted for the presidential inauguration on January 20 at the direction of the United States Secret Service. 

The northbound 95 Express Lanes will begin closing for mid-day reversal at about 10 a.m., one hour earlier than the typical workday reversal. The Lanes are expected to fully reopen to traffic in the southbound direction by about noon.

Traffic is expected to be heavier than normal during the morning hours due to increased travel to Washington, D.C. Drivers are reminded to travel with caution and plan their trip on the Express Lanes by checking road conditions and current tolls at ExpressLanes.com or using the free Express Lanes mobile app. 

The I-395 high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes will be closed to all traffic at 3 a.m. on January 20 and re-open following the inaugural parade. Customers traveling northbound on the 95 Express Lanes will be directed back onto the regular lanes on I-95 near Edsall Road during the HOV closure.

The entry ramp to the southbound 95 Express Lanes from the regular lanes on I-95 near Edsall Road will remain closed until the HOV lanes are reopened during the evening of January 20. Customers who want to enter the southbound 95 Express Lanes can do so via the regular lanes just after the Franconia-Springfield Parkway.