Love the Lanes

Oct 13, 2015

The 495 and 95 Express Lanes launched a new advertising campaign utilizing customer testimonials to showcase the real-life value that the Lanes are providing to customers in the region.

From working moms and dads to carpoolers, to small business owners and sluggers, the Express Lanes have been transformational in improving the quality of life for its customers. 

Over the next several weeks, a new customer story will be released each week highlighting how the Express Lanes have made a big difference in their life and what they’re doing with their newfound free time.

Check out these Express Lanes love stories:

The Express Lanes cut down Luis's commute to and from D.C., giving him more time with his family.

Yvette utilizes the Express Lanes to juggle doctors appointments, work meetings, and her son's school activities.

With the Express Lanes, Kathy can get to her dad’s house quicker to spend more precious time with him.

The Express Lanes have cut about an hour off of Donalds commute, giving him more time with his family.

Sarah's company uses the Express Lanes to get to and from appointments on time.