Technology Pilot Program on the 495 Express Lanes

May 25, 2015

The 495 Express Lanes will test new technology in a pilot program with Xerox to potentially evaluate carpooling rates against the number of toll-free trips claimed as HOV-3+.  The technology will be installed on May 26, 2015 and removed the second week in June 2015.

The equipment works by capturing anonymous images of vehicles traveling on the Express Lanes, automatically detecting the number of passengers and reporting the results in aggregate.  Teams will then review the number of passengers in the images to determine the accuracy of the equipment's results.  If the technology is accurate, teams will compare the findings to the overall reported carpooling rates on the Express Lanes.

To ensure our customers' privacy, the images will not contain license plates and all occupants' faces will be blurred.  All images will be treated as strictly confidential and permanently purged at the end of the pilot program.  Rules of the road on the Express Lanes will remain as normal during the pilot program.