E-ZPass and the Express Lanes

Oct 22, 2014

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The vast majority of customers travel on the Express Lanes with a valid E-ZPass® properly mounted in their vehicle and enjoy the convenience of the Express Lanes.  However, there are some drivers using the lanes without a valid E-ZPass properly mounted in their car.  We want to make sure these drivers know why they might receive a toll invoice and what to do when a toll invoice arrives.

In order to avoid toll notices and ensure a smooth trip on the Express Lanes, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Make sure you have an E-ZPass before you use the Express Lanes.
E-ZPass is available at 75 convenient Northern Virginia retail locations including Wegmans, select Virginia DMVs and Giant Food Stores or at one of the E-ZPass Customer Service Centers; online; or by calling Virginia E-ZPass at (877) 762-7824.

Before your trip on the Express Lanes:

  • Make sure your E-ZPass is correctly mounted in your car
  • Make sure your E-ZPass account is linked to your license plate
  • Make sure your E-ZPass can be read through the windshield
  • Make sure your E-ZPass account is in good standing with sufficient funds in your account
  • Ensure your address is updated and correct with the DMV
  • Consider setting your account up with auto replenishment to avoid having to remember your balance

Need help?

Go to E-ZPass to:

  • Open an E-ZPass account
  • Add funding to your E-ZPass account
  • Address issues with your E-ZPass device
  • Update account information such as your license plate number and credit card information, etc.

Go to Express Lanes to:

  • Pay a missed toll
  • Dispute tolls on the Express Lanes
  • Pay an Express Lanes toll invoice
  • Report on-road issues

After you travel on the Express Lanes:

  • If you travel on the Express Lanes without an E-ZPass, take care of your missed toll online via Missed a Toll within five days of traveling on the Express Lanes without an E-ZPass to avoid penalties or additional fees
  • If it’s been more than five days since your trip on the Express Lanes, you will need to pay your toll online, via phone at 1-855-495-9777 or by mailing your payment to P.O. Box 28148, New York, NY 10087

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