495 Express Lanes Usage Update - July 2014

Jul 10, 2014

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During the June 2014 quarter, both average daily and workday trips increased on the 495 Express Lanes compared to the prior quarter.  The Express Lanes also attained an important operational milestone during the June quarter – 100 million miles traveled on the Express Lanes – further demonstrating the value the 495 Express Lanes provide to drivers.

Traffic and Tolling
Average daily trips for the June 2014 quarter increased 22.2 percent compared to the prior corresponding quarter, June 2013.  There was an average of 43,325 workday trips for the June 2014 quarter – a 23.9 percent increase from 34,974 in the June 2013 quarter.

The average dynamic toll charged during the June quarter was $2.83 and 84 percent of toll-paying customers paid less than $5.00 per trip.

Traffic and Revenue Data (June Quarter 2014)

Average Daily Trips 35,309 28,905
Average Workday Trips 43,325 34,974

Note: There was one holiday during the June quarter (Memorial Day)  

Traffic and Revenue Data (Full Year FY14)

Average Daily Trips 30,518 30,417 28,637 35,309 31,223
Average Workday Trips 37,574 37,969 37,969 43,325 39,254


HOV Travel
High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV 3+) and exempt vehicles make up approximately 9 percent of customers.

Safety on the Express Lanes
The 495 Express Lanes Assist crews continue to patrol the Express Lanes to help travelers in case of an incident.  They also patrol the Express Lanes for debris to keep the Express Lanes safe and clean for customers.  Express Assist aided approximately 151 travelers in disabled vehicles during the June 2014 quarter.  Since the Express Lanes opened, Express Assist has aided approximately 773 travelers. 

E-ZPass® Update
Using E-ZPass is the best way to travel on the 495 Express Lanes – traveling on the Express Lanes without an E-ZPass can result in invoices and escalating fees.  To ensure a smooth trip on the Express Lanes, it’s important that customers properly mount their E-ZPass transponders, ensure their account is in good standing and confirm that their license plate is properly linked to their E-ZPass account.  We recommend drivers set up their accounts with auto replenishment to ensure they have sufficient account funds at all times.

Travelers with questions about E-ZPass should contact the E-ZPass agency that manages their account.  Travelers can learn more about E-ZPass on the 495 Express Lanes website.  Or, they may view additional information about the Express Lanes enforcement process.  Travelers who take the Express Lanes without an E-ZPass can pay their toll and a small fee within five days of travel, at 495ExpressLanes.com/missedatoll

Customer Care and Feedback
The Express Lanes Team continues to receive feedback from customers on social media channels, through emails and calls to the customer service center.  The feedback varies, but comments have included, “The 495 Express Lanes have saved the day, almost every day” and "[The Express Lanes] save us a lot of time, especially with the new access point at Lee Highway/Route 29.”

495 Express Lanes Customer Care
Travelers have made use of the 495 Express Lanes Customer Service Center via email or by phone.  In the June quarter, customers contacted the customer service center about several topics, including:

  • E-ZPass questions
  • Questions about using the Express Lanes
  • Missed a toll inquiries
  • Payment of toll invoices

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