Year in Review – 495 Express Lanes

Nov 20, 2013

Santa christened the 495 Express Lanes a year ago with a ride to get to his “office” that was mostly for show, but since then many Northern Virginians have made a faster, more reliable trip on the Capital Beltway a way of life.

The 495 Express Lanes opened a month early on November 17, 2012, introducing the biggest change to the region’s traffic patterns in more than 30 years and improving the traveling experience for everyone who uses the Capital Beltway.  In its first year the 495 Express Lanes delivered on the promise of faster, more reliable trips; new options for carpools and bus riders; and enhanced incident response.  

Please join us as we take a look back at the first year of operations on the 495 Express Lanes.

495 Express Lanes: The First Year