Fair Travel Program

Carpools ride toll-free on the Express Lanes

Transurban, the operator of the 495 and 95 Express Lanes, VDOT and the Virginia State Police have launched the Fair Travel Program. The purpose of the program is to educate drivers on the HOV free travel rules on the 495 and 95 Express Lanes.

Free travel on the Lanes

Remember these rules:

  • The free travel requirements on the 495 and 95 Express Lanes apply at all times - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The E-ZPass Flex must be in HOV mode – with “HOV ON” showing -- before entering the Express Lanes to ensure your trip is counted as toll-free.
  • Stay safe and please place the E-ZPass Flex in the appropriate setting before starting your trip.

We enforce for HOV violators to maintain fair travel:

  • Falsely claiming to be HOV on the Express Lanes can increase toll prices for drivers following the rules and paying to use the Express Lanes.
  • If traveling on the Express Lanes with less than three occupants, do not forget to switch your Flex off of HOV mode.
  • We have added Virginia State Police troopers on the Express Lanes to focus on HOV enforcement.
  • We have improved the enforcement system designed to catch HOV violators. For example, we’ve added new cameras and given new technology to State troopers to help identify violators.

E-ZPass resources to:

  • Update your E-Zpass account
  • Get an E-Zpass
  • Contact customer service with questions