I Express Lanes

Have the Express Lanes saved you time, improved your commute or made your weekend trips less stressful?

Send us a quick note at CustomerCare@ExpressLanes.com and tell us how the Express Lanes have improved your travel on the Capital Beltway or I-95. See what other drivers are saying about the 495 and 95 Express Lanes:

These new 95 Express lanes are the closest thing to a time machine we're ever gonna have. #Ezpass
@jweemscomedy  via 
The lanes are working great. Saves me 15-30 mins when I slug now.
@VAExpressLanes #ftw. For $2.85 I passed 100s of cars stuck in b2b traffic on the Outer Loop.
@slarjy  via 
The 495ExpressLanes are the best thing that ever happened to me
@stefgranlund  via 
Two buck happiness:
495 express lanes.
Cheaper than chocolate.
Judy B.
I am SO loving the I-495
HOT lanes.
Got from Springfield to Rockville in only 40 minutes, leaving me almost an hour to sit in Starbucks sipping a latte and playing with my spiffy new laptop.
Lori K.
495 express lanes. Putting years back on your life daily #dmv #traffic #va
@babesandballers  via 
Tyson's to Stafford in under 45 min during rush hour? Thank you 95 express lanes. Thank you. #ezpass
@katrinka79  via 
VAExpress Lanes just saved my life
@DMVplay_maker  via 
Good ride on I-95 Express lanes today. Gladly paid the toll in return for convenience and certainty. @VAExpressLanes @VaDOT
@philipshucet  via 
My nightly commute went from an hour or more to 30 minutes. I'll pay the money to drive at a steady pace.
Tabetha F.
The 495 express lanes could quite possibly be the greatest idea ever. #dctraffic #VDOT
@Carter_Ray  via 
I commute from Lake Ridge to Newington ... the Lanes have shaved time off my commute, which gets me home to family sooner! Plus the no stress commute = happiness!
Tina R.  via 
These express lanes have really cleared 95
up nicely
@egyptianheru  via 
As a daily user of the HOT lanes I consider the lanes a success since they are currently getting me to home and work about 30 minutes faster (reduced from 90 minutes to 60).
Todd B.
Took 95 HOT lanes this morning. Worth every penny! @WTOPtraffic #novatraffic #sucks
@mwestog  via 
Thank God for the 495ExpressLanes this morning! Inner loop a mess #vatraffic
@Greenway267  via 
They helped me get to Richmond in an hour and 1/2 when it normally takes 2 and 1/2 hours. So yea I can vouch for them!
Will S.  via