Thanks for one billion miles

We hit the Billionth Mile and a lucky customer is getting a year of free travel on the Express Lanes

Billionth View

Earlier this month, we launched the ‘Go the Billionth Mile’ contest to offer a year of free travel to the customer who helped us reach the billionth mile driven on the Express Lanes. Thank you for helping us reach this major milestone. We are now working to contact and confirm our lucky winner.

Look out for an email or phone call from Virginia E-ZPass® if you traveled the Lanes recently, you may be the lucky driver. And if you aren’t the winner, stay tuned as we’ll feature our winner online to show how she or he uses the year of free travel.

While the chance to win has pulled away from the curb, traveling the Express Lanes is still the most reliable way to save time on the Beltway and I-95.

Full contest rules